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Retired Business Ed, Computer and Home Ec Teachers
DeKalb County, GA


Please mark your calendar for our next luncheon at 12 noon on March 19, 2013 - Houndstooth Grill and Tavern in Braselton hosted by Sue Moore - 12:00 noon. Read more on Events page.  Please contact Sue by Saturday, March 16, if you plan to attend.

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Many thanks to Kay Fulmer for hosting our recent luncheon at P. F. Chang Chinese Restaurant - Mall of  GA.  Attending were Kay Fulmer,  Sue Moore , Frances and George Bowen and Bettye Chambers. Everyone seemed to really enjoy our  lively conversations and the exceptional Chinese food. So nice to see that George Bowen was looking and feeling so much better.  He attributes this to the many prayer lists with his name highlighted. 

We still need hostesses for April, June, July, Sept., Oct., Nov. 2013 luncheons.  Please let me know as soon as possible if you will be able to handle any one of these dates. (If any of you signed up at the January 2013 luncheon, please tell me again since I am losing everything including my mind  ;- )


 2013 Luncheon Calendar

Retired Business Ed, Computer and Home Ec Teachers
DeKalb County, GA

 Jan. 15

Mimi's i
n Buford at Mall of Georgia -- Bettye Chambers  
770 271 2595  Read more on our EVENTS page and http://www.mimiscafe.com/   E-Mail Bettye
 Feb. 19 Kay Fulmer - B.J. Chang Chinese Restaurant at the Mall of GA
 Mar. 19
Sue Moore --  Houndstooth Grill and Tavern in Braselton. Read more on Events page
 April 16  
 May 21
Edith Nash - Her home in Tucker
 June 18
 July 16


 Aug.  16 No Luncheon - on vacation
 Sept. 17
 Oct. 15  
 Nov. 19  
 Dec. 10 Frances Bowen -
Have you been following the DeKalb County School board debacle?  Don't know about you, but every day I thank God that I am not still there.  Education has changed so much since I started teaching in 1955.

What say you?  Do you think the Governor did the right thing with the DeKalb School Board?  Below are some of the many articles which have been published recently which I included in my website, www.VoteRightGA.org



February 2013

DeKalb County School Board Debacle

"Congratulations to Governor Deal for standing strong on this and doing 
  the right thing!."
-- Bettye Chambers -- former HS teacher in DeKalb until I finally took early retirement
   and got the heck out of that hideous system.

Deal suspends six of nine DeKalb school board members - Feb. 
   25, 2013 - AJC
Judge to Ga. governor: Hold off on school board - Feb. 24, 2013
   by Associated Press -- AccessNorthGA.com

State Board recommends suspension of 6 DeKalb school
   board members

   MyFoxAtlanta.com Feb.  22, 2013

Ga. BOE recommends Gov. Deal suspend 6 board members
   11 Alive News Feb. 22, 2013


  DeKalb County School Board Members - photo below

  1. Dr. Eugene P. "Gene" Walker  Chair (District 9)

  2. Mr. James L. "Jim" McMahan , Vice Chair (District 4)

  3. Ms. Sarah Copelin-Wood  (District 3)

  4. Mr. Jesse "Jay" Cunningham, Jr. (District 5)

  5. Ms. Donna G. Edler (District 7)

  6. Ms. Nancy T. Jester (District 1)

  7. Dr. Melvin Johnson (District 6)

  8. Mr. Marshall D. Orson  (District 2)

  9. Dr. Pamela A. Speaks (District 8)





Hope to see you on March 19, 2013 in Braselton.

Bettye Chambers


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