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Golden Girls
   On the Go to Tallulah Falls



September 21 Luncheon  -  Isabelle's at Tallulah Falls

Thanks to Sue Moore for arranging the September 21 luncheon at Isabelle's at Tallulah Falls.
This is truly some of the most beautiful countryside in the state.

E-Mail from Sue:

There is info about Tallulah Falls, for our September lunch at

Tuesday, September 21 at noon.  Please call or e-mail me by Sunday, Sept. 19. The address is
21 Moss St., Tallulah Falls, GA.  Phone: 706/754-5614.

Directions: From I-85 take I-985 toward Gainesville.  After Gainesville, I-985 becomes GA 365/441.  Stay on 441 N. until you get to Tallulah Falls.  You will see Isabelle’s on a hill on the left.  The front of the restaurant faces Moss St.  It is approximately 80 miles from Tucker.


       Tallulah Gorge                                                                                                   Tallulah Gorge

History of Tallulah Falls and Isabelle's

It was in 1870 that the Shirley Hotel was built and the legendary resort era of Tallulah Falls was born.  Following the Shirley Hotel, came the Young Hotel and the Chasm Brink Hotel.  During the 1880's, elegant hotels like the Cliff House, the Tallulah Lodge, The Robinson House and the Grandview were constructed. People were so enchanted with the beauty of Tallulah, tourists from many states flocked to Tallulah Falls for vacations.  The community of Tallulah Falls, incorporated in 1855, became one of the most popular resort towns in the southern mountains of Georgia.  During its prosperity, the Tallulah Falls railroad extended its line of destinations to North Carolina, further into the Blue Ridge foothills.  The Victorian house of Pine Terrace, which is now Isabella's Restaurant, was built in 1880.  It was at one time occupied by the President of the Tallulah Falls Railroad. The Moss family also lived in the wide porch, picket fenced, Queen Anne design and they raised their children there.  The resort town continued to  boom until 1913, when the falls were dammed by the Georgia Power Company.  This plus the extension of the railroad, and the great fire of 1921, which burned River Street, brought about the end of the Tallulah grandeur.  Isabelle's Restaurant, named after five generations of Isabelle's, was opened in the summer of 1996 by Nancybelle and Paul Almoyan, it's proprietors. It is their vision to help make Tallulah Falls, once again, a historical experience with delicious and special times for a new era.

August Luncheon At Brio's in Dunwoody

Many thanks to Jean Kammerer who made arrangements for us to dine at Brio's on Ashwood Parkway in August. The food was exceptional! (Sorry, I lost the list of everyone attending.)

Allie Jones shared her good news that her home had sold and she would be moving back home to North Carolina in a week to be near family members.


Bettye the Blogger -- Back from the Convention in New York

Believe it or not I did survive the trip to the GOP Convention in New York City and did not even meet a protestor face to face. We cannot thank the NYPD enough since they did a fantastic job and made all of us frightened southern girls feel very safe. I now know why the NYPD, the NY Fire Fighters and Rudy Giuliani are such heroes in that city. Rudy gave the best speech of his life Monday night at the convention. Rumor has it that Rudy may be running for President in four years against Hillary. If you have not already done so, you can take a look at the Georgia Daily Diary pages by clicking here. There are five pages archived on that web site since the GOP Convention web site will be taken down soon. If you are a staunch Kerry supporter, we discourage your going to that site since it may cause a severe headache. ;- )

It was a wonderful experience, and I am so glad that I did attend even though I arrived home completely worn out. I had to forgo some of the social events since I spent easily four hours a day in my hotel room on the computer preparing these daily diary web pages which had to be sent to the webmaster every day by three p.m. Editing the zillions of photos which I took during all of the events was really time consuming -- but fun.

I am happy to be safely home again. This was the first time that I had flown since 9-11.



Web Site Updates on

Sorry that I am so behind on updating some of the pages on the Golden Girls web site. Hopefully, this week I shall be able to catch up on this.

Please take a look at the membership page, and fill in any blank spots like Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc. Also, if you see any errors, please advise. Anytime that you would like to send in a better photo to replace the one on this page, please feel free to do so.

News about your trips, health and operations, special events, cartoons, photos and anything that you would like to share with the girls will be appreciated. These will be posted on our web site at or will be included in our monthly
GG E-Newsletter.


Baby Savannah

Nell Foster just sent the latest photo of her Great Grand -- Savannah.
This baby just gets prettier every day!  Just like her Great Grandma Nell.


Best Song of the Decade by Frank Sinatra --

Jam!'s Frank Sinatra Photo Gallery

Click here to listen to Frank and a new version of Strangers in the Night. . .



Best Cartoons of the Day --
Many more
Zell zingers!

Postcard from Florida

Clinton's Operation



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