Wishing You Healing Light


Wishing you God's Healing Light
to mend your body through the night.
I'm saying a prayer to God above,
to wrap you in His Healing Love.

Thinking of you not feeling well,
saddens me and my eyes swell,
with tears of concern, for we love you so,
my special one, I thought you should know.

May the Healing Light find its way to you,
may your gray skies blossom into ones of blue,
and I'll ask my angels to come to your side,
to join with yours, in their comfort abide.

Picture yourself wrapped in the embrace,
of our Father as he wipes the tears from your face.
Know that you're loved by Him every day.
May His Healing Light melt your troubles away.

9th District Republican Party
Bettye Chambers

Beautiful Poetry © Ellen M.DuBois 2002