A Special Tribute to
President Ronald Wilson Reagan  
40th President of the U.S.


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Remarks by the President Upon the Death of President Ronald Reagan

'A Great Man, A Political Giant'

History of the Cowboy

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Read his final letter to America -- the Alzheimers Letter

What is a 'Reagan conservative'?
Powerpoint presentation by St. Louis Townhall Meetup


   In Memoriam 
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President Reagan's great speeches



Reagan's body carried into U.S. Capitol - June 9, 2004

Day of Mourning - June 11, 2004
Friday, June 11, 2004 11:30 am EDT National Funeral
at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C
and interment at sunset in Simi Valley, CA

.June 11, 2004
Interment in Simi Valley, CA


His final Hail to his Chief


     Michael Reagan
     delivers eulogy for
     his father at sunset
     at the interment.

    Interment on the
    shining hill in Simi
    Valley, CA


   Navy Capt. James
   A. Symonds,
   Commander of the
   USS Ronald
   the flag to Nancy
   during interment

Funeral in the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.


Text of Former
President Bush's


Text of
Lady Margaret
Thatcher's Eulogy

video taped earlier
shown here with Prince
Charles leaving the

Lynn Cheney does not look very happy with her assigned seat!

President Bush escorts
Nancy Reagan into the
National Cathedral while former President Bush and Barbara Bush look on.


Scenes from the
funeral in the
National Cathedral
Washington, D.C.
(left) President Bush delivers eulogy and pays
his respects at funeral in the National Cathedral


                                       A Living Memorial
A living memorial has been created on the George W. Bush web site where you are invited to share your thoughts and memories.  Your entries will be posted alongside many others to form an online tribute to President Reagan. To participate in the living memorial go to:  www.GeorgeWBush.com/Reagan/

Mourning in America: Ronald Reagan Dies at 93 - Fox News

Thanks From a Grateful Country
For a man who changed the world, Ronald Reagan sure was modest.
Peggy Noonan


The Long Goodbye is Over
By Michael Reagan

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 Reagan Library
 View from the South


View many Images from the Reagan Library archives

Selected by the Reagan Library Audiovisual staff
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My Heroes Have Always Been 

President Reagan and President Bush 43

                 Speakers on for cowboy  Music

Remembering the Gipper

Rider Coming In!



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