This is Buddy Day! Please forward to all your friends, including me.  And don't tell me you're too busy for this.  Don't you know the phrase "stop and smell the flowers"?  See how many "bouquets" you end up with!

  • Happiness keeps You Sweet,

  • Trials keep You Strong,

  • Sorrows keep You Human,

  • Failures keep You Humble,

  • Success keeps You Glowing,

  • But Only God keeps You Going!

  • You are so special!


"Today is world's online buddy day.  Send this to your online friends even me if I'm one of them, and see how many you get today"


Mid Musici: What a Wonderful World


Special get well wishes to friends:  Avonel, Donna and Connie. You are in my thoughts and prayers.





Right Webs to go
by Bettye