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Golden Girls of Georgia
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Inspirational, Religious,
Patriotic, Humorous



Religious -- Inspirational

The U in Jesus

Who I am Makes
a Difference!

Happy Father's Day!
Remembering Charlton Heston
1924 - 2008
by Rush Limbaugh

Prayer Chain for
our Military

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Angel Knocking at the Door

The Rain - Wishing you a Miracle

Daily Rules from God
for 2007

23rdpsalm-anim3.gif (4693 bytes)        Amazing Grace
   The Movie and the Hymn

I'm in the 93%  

Three Funerals -- an Awesome Message

The Secret 

May the Lord Bless and Protect You!

Did God Create Everything?

Can You Sleep When the Wind Blows?    (Peace in the Valley)


      Jesus Love me
    For Older Children

Two Defining Forces

The Lord is My Shepherd   
Three Versions

A Prayer for our Friends
Pass it on!

An Easter Trilogy   

Thanksgiving Prayer

The Lord's Prayer
the Model Prayer given to his Disciples

psalms-1.jpg (10755 bytes)Jesus' Prayer
in the Garden of

God still sits on the throne

Easter Greetings 2

 Prayer Wheel for our Military

Pass it on. . . .  
The Religious Side  of  President George W. Bush

Forsaken Roots
by Mary Jones
        Read: God in the Temples of Government by Carrie Devorah

Michael Hoover's Confirmation
March 28, 2004
Sugarloaf United Methodist Church
1795 Old Peachtree Rd. - Duluth, GA 30097

Joey Hoover's Confirmation
March 4, 2006
Sugarloaf United Methodist Church
1795 Old Peachtree Rd. - Duluth, GA 30097





New Years 2007: Idiots of 2006 Awards 

New Year's Greeting from the Chambers' House

New Year's Prayer 2007


         Christmas 2006
The Three Wise Women
A Microsoft Christmas
Christmas at Rock Away Rest

A Christmas letter from God to His children:

Merry Christmas from Maxine

My Christmas List
of Blessings

Thanksgiving 2006 at the Hoover House



        Veterans Day Tribute 2


Thanksgiving Greeting
Page from the
Georgia Golden Girls


Click here to Read our
Golden Girls Memorial Day Tribute

                     -- Tomb of the Unknowns

April Showers


  There are witches in m
  What am I to do?



Irish Blessing     
for Saint Patrick's Day

Mother's Day Roses


Vick's Dog Fights

Summary of My Last Year on the Computer
Too Old to Trick or Treat
Computer Cleaning List
Friendship Fun
Nightmare #2:  2008 Democratic National Convention
Nightmare #1:  Dems 2007

     Humor for Journalism Majors

                       Ten Thoughts 
to Ponder




Paragon of Hoaxes!
  For the Ladies Only
    Oh, You Beautiful Doll

If the UAE gets our ports Things may look different


  Teacher Terrorist   


Click her

Click here
President Peanut Strikes Again!

The Worst President of the 20th Century
and Georgia's Biggest
along with McKinney


Football Heaven


More about
the French

        When you care enough to insult the very best. . .
           Things that Hallmark Cards do not say. .

      What's your Southern
    sign, Ya'll?

Bush Sells Louisiana
  Back to the French



footballCollege Football Scouting Report
2005 - 2006

The Four Cats !
A Sweet and Sentimental Story
for every woman who has gone through a stinking divorce . .

           Georgia Winners
               of the Week


       Life Before Computers

          Women's World
          Fun Page --
Volume 1

Women's World
       Fun Page -- Volume 2

       Women's World
         Volume III

      Golden girls -- Sisterhood

 The Meaning of SERVICE  

       Why Did the Chicken
           Cross the Road

Why did the Chicken Cross the Road in 2008??



Don't Let Go of Hope !!!

Time Gets Better With Age


Tea at the White House on March 16, 2006 with First Lady Laura Bush


  Reception at the Governor's Mansion
  in Atlanta, GA - February 2006

    Someone said. . . 
     Click photos to enlarge


        To the Special People
                   in My Life


     Remembering Connie
            a wonderful E-Mail friend

 In Loving Memory

Mattie Mae "Mat" Mathis

   Not Ever Gone -- Just Moved on --
   The passing of Mom

Stop and Smell the Roses

Rainbow Bridge

  Wishing You Healing Light  xx

Mrs. Bush visits Limerick Elementary School in Canoga Park, Calif., Feb. 18, 2004.Tea at the White House
with First Lady
Laura Bush - 2004

Click on photos to enlarge

Governor's MansionFebruary 6, 2004

2004 Tea with Georgia's
First Lady Mary Perdue

      Friendship is Golden


 Uncle Sam Wants
 you  to

. . .


   All Gave Some and
   Some Gave All



Remembering D-Day -- June 6, 1944
Lest We Forget!
Charlie Daniels on Mexicans 

Remembering 9-11 on 5th Anniversary

Fair Tax Rally - MAY 24, 2006 - Duluth, GA
Sold Out!  Overflow audience!

     A Memorable Visit to the WWII 
     Memorial in Washington,

      The Electoral College
          and How it Works


Future of Texas

     A Special Tribute to
     President Ronald Reagan

Forsaken Roots
by Mary Jones
    Read: God in the Temples of Government by Carrie Devorah

Click here to Read our
Golden Girls Memorial Day Tribute

 -- Tomb of the Unknowns


Memory Lane & Misc

Don't Buy CITGO Gasoline!
Autumn Leaves in the Mountains of NC and TN
Autumn Leaves in Buford and Lake Lanier --- our home
Congratulations to Rep. Stacey Reece & Amanda Reece
Happy Birthday, Daughter 06

  Coming to America
    Modern Day Immigration in the
    U.S. is out of control !!


   April 7, 2006
    Keep the Momentum Going
     on the Fair Tax. Do Away with
     the IRS!  Read more




Remember 1957

Moon River
for all who love to dance


Chambers' Hummers




Retired Business Education/Computer
 and Home Economics Teachers

 DeKalb County, Georgia

 "The Survivors" 


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